Are you launching a product or service, and need some help making it a success?!?

Joint Venture Brokers can help you earn more by connecting your products or services with suitable Joint Venture Partners that have access to a thirsty crowd of your target market.

By hiring a Joint Venture Broker, you can gain access to a large customer base that is interested in your niche. If we don't already have partnerships with partners in your niche, then we will go out and find them!

Our Brokers have been trained to find suitable webmasters, ezine/newsletter publishers, podcasters, bloggers, and anyone else that has access to large numbers of potential customers in any and every niche online.

As Joint Venture Brokers, we will also help you refine your salesletters, and promotional materials to suit our partners and your future customers.

Just think of how easy it will be if you let us do most of the work for you...

Let us connect your product/service with people who are interested in it and willing to buy. Joint Venture Brokering can easily turn your product/service into an immediate success, because we're experienced with doing Joint Ventures and we can find numerous Joint Venture Partners to promote your product or service.

If you want to hire a Joint Venture Broker please e-mail:

Send an introduction of what your product or service is, and we'll negotiate a deal with you.

We take a commission for every sale made, so you have nothing to lose by trying our service.

You only pay us when we give you results!

What is a Joint Venture Broker, and what do they do?

Joint Venture Brokers are Networkers.

They help business people:

<> With large mailing lists or high traffic websites to monetize their sites and lists with suitable products and services offered by joint venture partners.

<> Find suitable partners to sell products or services to certain target markets.

The Joint Venture Broker is the person who is specially trained to find the right partners to make a product or service launch as successful as possible.

Joint Venture Brokers already have a network of business people that they can recommend to promote your product or service, if your product or service is a good match to that business person's target market.

By knowing how to approach potential Joint Venture Partners, as well as who to approach, and where these partners can be found, a Joint Venture Broker can easily save you time and earn you more by:

<> Finding numerous suitable Partners;

<> Being able to communicate the promotions effectively to those Partners;

<> And give them the promotional materials and tools to make it easier for Joint Venture Partners to join on.

Joint Venture Brokers, because of their experience with brokering numerous Joint Venture deals, know what to look for in a successful sales letter and other promotional materials.

These Brokers can help refine your promotional materials, and when needed recommend master copywriters to help you get the highest conversion rates possible.

Doing Joint Ventures on your own can be difficult if you don't have the right network, and don't know how to approach people in the proper manner to get their attention for a creating a deal.

That's where Joint Venture Brokers come into the picture and help to automate this process and make your Joint Venturing go smoothly and with great success.


Interested in Joining a Joint Venture as a Partner to Earn Some Commissions Promoting Great Products?

If you have a list/ezine/newsletter, own a website, or have access in any way to a targetted customer base, then you may be interested in joining one of the joint ventures we're setting up.

To find out about current and upcoming joint venture opportunities you can visit the Joint Venture Network, or browse our JV Blogs for opportunities that match your target markets.


Interested in Joining Our Joint Venture Broker Team?

We're currently looking to hire more Brokers to leverage our Joint Venture Broker Team, and earn even more for our clients.

If you have any experience, training, or even just a passion for networking, please contact us and express your interest in joining our Joint Venture Broker Team.

We can help you get started, but remember that this is a pay for performance job and it will require that you do the work to get paid for your sales. We only staff the top, most motivated, passionate Joint Venture Brokers that are willing to take action, follow our coaching, and produce results.

If you think you have what it takes, then we will give you some free apprenticeship training, and put you to work alongside one of our experienced Brokers to work for our clients.

You will initially go through a trial period where we offer you a lower commission for your work, as your Joint Venture Broker Coach will get the remainder commissions for their efforts of training you.

After you have proven yourself a few times working alongside one of our experienced Joint Venture Brokers, we will eventually allow you to take on some of our clients on your own, earning the full commissions that we negotiate for Joint Venture Brokering projects.

Please send e-mail inquiries to:

Please do not be dissappointed if we do not have room for you at this time, as we can only coach a limited number of Joint Venture Brokers when there is space for them and willing coaches available.

We currently have room for 3 more Joint Venture Broker apprentices, so e-mail us now if you're interested, before these slots become filled.